Can you use the charcoal and gas grill at same time

There are a number of grills available in the market and there are a number of factors which
would greatly influence the one you prefer. One of those reasons is the fuel
used. For example, a number of people love gas grill while some others prefer
charcoal grill. A gas grill is majorly
preferred because of its convenience, you simply push a button and there
you go. Charcoal grills, on the other hand, are popular with some people because it is great for slow cooking which results in deep flavor in whatever food being

Dual fuel combination charcoal/gas grill is not popular because of their limited supply or existence. Some manufacturers are trying
to change that. With a dual fuel combination charcoal/gas grill model,
it serves to make both the opposing sides of the gas
grill and charcoal grill users happy. That is, they are able to both enjoy the
convenience and a great taste of grilled food with a single grill at the same
time.Some of the popular hybrid grills in the market are Smoke Hollow and Dyna-Glo dual fuel.



There are also hybrid grills such as Char-Broil which allows you to use in the same firebox,
either gas or charcoal. Meaning you can’t use both gas and charcoal at the same time
. When using the Char-Broil for grilling with charcoal, in the firebox you
place the special tray and you use the gas burners to light. The main disadvantage
is that while you cook, adding more charcoal may not be possible
as the tray is able to hold only one charcoal layer. Meaning you must cook fast
and closely monitor your grill.

In conclusion

you can have the different types of dual grills; which allow grilling at the
same time and which can only be used one at a time. With their possession, you
will always be in an advantaged position
for all your grilling needs.

The best BBQ accessories for grilling

Grilling has become popular and is a great way to spend time with friends and family. If you are enthusiastic about grilling you need to have the right accessories for the occasion. These are some of the best BBQ accessories for grilling you should have in your inventory.

1. A fire extinguisher

When we are all excited and caught up in the moment, we tend to overlook safety equipment. It is very rare to have an extinguisher with you at the grill, but it could become handy. We use firelighters and highly flammable products to start the fire. You could pour too much and cause an explosion. Not only that, the weather could change rapidly and blow the fire out of control. So as weird as it seems, be sure to keep this around your BBQ area.

2. BBQ portable light.

There is no specific light for your BBQ area. However, you should try to find an LED adjustable lamp. They have so many user-friendly features like adjustable heads. This means you can focus the light in any direction you desire. The light will enable you to have your BBQ no matter how dark it is outside. Just find a suitable place where you can hang it and you are ready to grill.

3. A thermometer

Isn’t it annoying to have people telling you about under or overcooking their meat? Almost as if you did it on purpose. To avoid this drama just get a thermometer. There are many out there to aid you with temperature control. To make things easier, get one with a temperature indicator. That way you can be busy with something else and not worry about how the meat is doing. Once your temperature changes, the thermometer will let you know.

These accessories are a bit unusual and maybe too far fetched. But if you are passionate about BBQ and you want it to be perfect every time, make sure they are in your collection. Keep your BBQ safe, grill anywhere even after dark and regulate your BBQ temperature easily. These are the best BBQ accessories for grilling.

Fundamental Ingredients For BBQ

While investigating what to bring to a bbq and how to bbq with flawlessness you should know the numerous fundamental kinds of different sorts of BBQ meats. I for one feel that effortlessness is typically best. Excessively numerous negating flavors can detract from the kind of the meat and will probably overpower your taste buds. With grill, the forested areas utilized amid the cooking and the seasonings utilized for rubbing and marinating the meat should include enhance however not be over controlling.

Seasoning and Sauce Ingredients:

Squeezed apple: This is Ideal for seasoning any BBQ meat and particularly helpful for ribs, pork butt, and chicken. Squeezed apple and apple juice can frequently be utilized as a part of many saline solution formulas, bbq sauces, infusions, or even in the water container to keep the meat soggy.

Apple juice vinegar: This is an extraordinary element for BBQ sauces and wipes. You may likewise utilize it to thin locally acquired sauces and make a brisk and basic wipe or marinade. This is likewise an incredible item to dress bbq pulled pork.

Molasses: This is utilized principally to make sauces. The intense flavor and dull shading gives the sauce its thick surface a dim shading. Molasses and apple juice vinegar are 2 enter fixings I use in my own sauce formulas.

Bourbon or Bourbon: Using these can convey extraordinary malt flavor and help to add adjust to your mops or sauces. Attempt a container blended with half Jack Daniel’s and half squeezed apple for treating BBQ meats.

Dark colored Sugar: This is another fundamental fixing in my own grill sauce formulas. This is an awesome approach to convey an unpretentious sweetness to pork butt, chicken, ribs, or pulled pork dishes. Darker sugar mixes exceptionally well with hot or zesty flavors to give you only a touch of sweetness in your hot and fiery sauce.

Seasonings and Spices:

Onion powder: This is one of my own inclinations of elements for my BBQ rubs. The onion season functions admirably with any BBQ meat.

Cumin: This is among the most essential elements for BBQ rubs and bean stew formulas. This fixing will bring a slight smoky flavor and it is particularly useful for a pork BBQ.

Paprika: The essential fixing found in for all intents and purposes all BBQ rubs and bean stew formulas. This includes an awesome shading and flavor to any BBQ meat and the unpretentious flavor adjusts alternate fixings.

Chile Powder: This tasty mix can be utilized on any BBQ meat. This is an incredible approach to add some zest or warmth to your BBQ meat.

Garlic powder: One of the real fixings in my own formulas of BBQ rubs and sauces. This includes an inconspicuous sweetness alongside a touch of warmth and conveys adjust to hot flavors.

Legitimate salt: I for one couldn’t care less for a truly salty taste. This salt draws out the genuine kind of BBQ meats and has a substantially more unobtrusive flavor than customary salt.

Dark pepper: An essential piece of any flavoring mix to get that hot and zesty touch. The striking flavor and peppery aroma improves any BBQ meat.

Hibachi Grills – History, Types, and Benefits

o you love outdoor grilling? Does the taste of charcoal
grilled foods make your days? Are you in the process of buying a new grill but
has no idea what to go for? Keep reading to find out why you should try one grill
that enjoys such a rich history – the hibachi grill?

First things
first; what is a Hibachi grill?

Discovered during the 8th century, Hibachi is typically a Japanese
charcoal-fueled cooking bowl. The American perception of Hibachi grill is a
small mostly portable grill. Over time, the definition of Hibachi grills has
evolved to include flat top gas grills that are at times known as Gas Griddles,
Planchas, or Teppanyaki Grills. They can
either be freestanding or built in. The freestanding models are often referred
to as Teppanyaki. The Flat Top Grills are associated with a very hot as well as
versatile cooking surface – making it the most suitable for the preparation of
any food.

Types of
Hibachi Grills

As already stated above, Hibachi grills have evolved – just like
any other product. Today, they are available in different sizes, shapes, and functions
to accommodate the varying needs of the consumers. They can be classified into two broad categories:

Based on the source of the heat

Based on the material

Source of heat

Charcoal- fueled Hibachi Grills

They are pretty much like the original Hibachi grills as far
as the source of heating is concerned. Charcoal is placed at the bottom, and then
a torch or match is used to light it. If your grill has adjustable racks, you
can achieve both intense and moderate heat.

Gas-fueled Hibachi Grills

If the taste of charcoal in grilled foods does not appeal to
you, a gas-fired hibachi grill is your best bet. The source of heat in gas
hibachis is propane. If you are looking
for consistent cooking and a cleaner taste (as opposed to the one you get from charcoal
hibachis) you may want to consider this type of hibachis.



Initially, it
was impossible to find hibachi grills made of metal due to the associated
scarcity and expense. However, metal has become a popular and a more preferred
choice for the majority of Hibachi grill users. Apart from its durability,
metal is valued because of its potential to radiate heat more effectively and
also its ability to deliver evenly cooked foods.


If you are
the conservative type and wish to experience the authentic Japanese grill, consider
buying one that is made of ceramic. Besides heating, ceramic hibachi grills can
be used for decorating purposes.

Benefits of
hibachi grills

They are environmentally friendly – especially the
charcoal fueled ones since they emit minimal pollutants

They are relatively inexpensive

They are not only portable but also easy to