How to Properly Prepare Steak: Temperature and Steps

Queen of the festive meals, the central attraction of the feast days, steak has a ritual role, with many religious and social connotations. The Christmas and New Year Steaks are truly special. Prepared with love and attention to be enjoyed with family and friends, the winter feast celebrates the birth of the son of God and marks the passage of years.
To help you choose the right steak, we have prepared a guide with general tips for each type of meat. What is associated with, how and how it is cooked, what is served, and so on. Document yourself, inspire yourself.
There are two general theories about meat roasting. One that recommends cooking meat at a high temperature at the beginning and less in the course of time, and the second suggests cooking the meat at a constant average temperature. Below are recommendations that conform to the first method.

Steps and Temperature – What temperature to grill steak

– Preheat the oven to 220 � C
– Place the meat for 30 minutes at 220 � C to brown the surface.
– Reduce the temperature to 160 � C and continue the roasting process for 40 minutes per kilogram of meat.
– Let the meat rest for 20-30 minutes before cutting it as to allow juices to spread evenly.

Tips for Beef Steak

Beef appreciates the refined company. The beef and antricot are naturally expressed in the presence of dairy products, sweet cream, butter – simple, but fat, or flavored with herbs – and noble cheeses with white, but mostly blue, molds. Forest mushrooms (especially hribs), black and white truffles, associated with a sprig of cognac and sparkling brown Spanish are sophisticated beef additions. The beef ration appreciates the proximity of vegetables and wines.

Tips for Fish Steak

Sote associated with fish steaks should be simple, so as not to shade the meat of the fish. Baked potatoes or naturally cooked and served sprinkled with melted butter and parsley / dill, rice slices or a sip of green salad mix sprinkled with a dressing consisting of equal quantities of balsamic vinegar mixed with soy sauce with mushrooms.

Tips for Pork Steak

Pork is naturally associated with strong and rustic flavors but also with fragrant and fresh flavors. Onions, garlic, smoked bacon, thyme, enibahar, and coriander seeds are classic flavors for a pork winter roast. More refined, but not necessarily even more complicated, with strong Germanic influences, are the associations of pork with fruits (of forest, cherry, apples, pears or rhubarb) or with honey and mustard glazes. Pork can be cooked with almost any type of alcohol: beer steaks – especially black – in red and white wine, cider or fortified wines (Porto, Marsala, Madeira), gin, and even in spirits and liqueurs .

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